Social Justice Council meeting: 4/16/2019

Attending: Jim B., Tess, Don S., Kathy Haze, Cathy S.,  Sue Stadler,  Marni O.
Gail Hawkins, Rick Groff, Ann-Marie Bussolin, Ann McClanahan

  • Gail Hawkins, Rick Groff, Ann-Marie Bussolin, Ann McClanahan
    • Hold These Truths, a one-man play about Gordon Hirabayashi, who defied FDR’s Executive Order 9066.
    • During the half hour long discussion, Gail, Rick, Ann-Marie, and Ann made these points
      • The play is very good and extremely timely 
      • They are looking for a group or groups to do everything necessary to put on the play here in Boise and for Treasure Valley school groups
      • They would like to poll the BUUF congregation to find interested people to work on this effort.
    • They were given several ideas of community groups to contact to discuss putting on the play.
    • They decided to form an impromptu committee to explore ways to bring the play to Boise 
  • Review Plate Partner Nominations
    • Tess’s report on the nominations process
      • usual monthly gift to a plate partner: $1.2 – $2.4 K
      • 27 nominations 
      • reviewing 26 today,  will narrow this down to  20
    • Nomination groups chosen after discussion:
      1. Idaho Mothers against drunk driving
      2. Family Advocates/CASA
      3. JEMfriends
      4. Giraffe Laugh
      5. Interfaith Sanctuary
      6. Leaning Lab
      7. Immigrant Justice Idaho
      8. The Garden City Public Library Foundation
      9. Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline
      10. Tidwell Social Services and Consulting Inc
      11. Global Gardens
      12. Women’s and Children’s Alliance
      13. CATCH
      14. El-Ada Community Action
      15. Planned Parenthood of Treasure Valley
      16. The Community Center
      17. Idaho Black History Museum
      18. Citizen’s Climate Lobby
      19. Intertribal Native Council
      20. GRUB
  • Round Table: deferred
    • Climate Action,
    • the Safe Parking Lot program,
    • Racial Justice,
    • Creating projects and events with UUA Funding
    • Sponsoring an Asylum seeker.
    • Pride Ministry
  • Sue proposed roles on the council — deferred
    • resolution coordinating
    • external communicator
  • BUUF Gun Safety Resolution and Mothers for Demand Action for Gun Sense — deferred
    • The resolution calls for the following actions:
    • Supporting community partners working on common sense solutions locally and nationally,
    • A public media campaign to make our voice, support, and adoption of this resolution prominent in our community (including but not limited to, press release, a letter campaign to lawmakers, opinion pieces, etc.)