Social Justice Council Meeting, 8/20/19

Social Justice Council Meeting, 8/20/19
Attending: Don Stepich, Rob Ham, Jim Bigelow, Marni Odermann, Tess Veto, Sue Philley, Agenda:

  • Building Bridges for Social Justice workshop, 8/24/19 — Sue
    • Rev. Sara’s agenda just proposed an agenda, that we’ll go with that. 
    • Marni: where does the information that I’ve gathered for the 
    • About 20 people have said they are coming
    • What role will council members fill?
      • participate in a multiple group by rotating thru the groups.
      • pick a group to monitor for issues and discussion
    • What are groups to do: In broad terms groups will
      • things done
      • things would like to do
      • Intersectionality
    • Building a SJ calendar will be very important 
    • Help with the logistics
      • Bring Snacks – Betty, Jim
      • Make Coffee, Tess (will bring cream, and alt milk)
      • Bring Lemonade — Sue & Jim
      • Set up at 8 am: Don, Sue, Jim
      • Sign in desk, Marni
        • Sue will provide a sign in form &
        • BUUF name tags provided by Tess
    • outline of the workshop
    • +
  • Request for $200 from the Climate Action Team for a banner.
    • defer until September