Social Justice Fundraising Opportunities

Compiled by Marni Odermann

Fund for Unitarian Universalism

These grants can be up to $20k; average is $8K. Application deadlines are March 15th and September 15th.

  • Funding priorities are “for innovative, challenging or experimental programs [with] wide denominational impact or that address needs unmet by the institutional structure of the denomination.”
  • Equipment and building renovations/improvements are generally not funded. Nor are ongoing congregational activities.
  • Preference is for programs that have income from diverse sources
  • Consideration is given to an applying congregation’s commitment to meet the UUA Annual Program Fund Fair Share contribution.

Fund for UU Social Responsibility

These grants are for up to $1,500 and are not restricted to “apply by” dates.

Congregation-Based Community Organizing (CBCO)

This is cross-congregational work in an established CBCO that is affiliated with one of five umbrella organizations.  There are CBCOs in Portland, Spokane, Pasco and Seattle; none in Idaho. (We aren’t be eligible for this funding unless we’re part of a CBCO; whether we want to be part of a CBCO is a different conversation, not likely to be driven by whether we can get a small grant.)

Actions of Public Witness

They are intended to be responsive to unforeseen needs that require urgent action.
Grants are given to a broad range of social and environmental justice issues.

  • Buses for the People’s Budged Action for a Fair Tax (2018) $1,000
  • Showers for Host Sanctuary Congregation (2017) $1,500
  • Friends of Orange County Detainees (2017) $1,500
  • Rainbow Ball Weekend: (2017) $1,500
  • People Over Pipelines March (2016) $1,500
  • Higher Ground Moral Declaration (2016) $1,200

Plans are in the works for grants specific to Immigrant issues.  They anticipate more information will be available in about four weeks.

Fund For a Just Society

These grants are given to 501(c)(3) groups to address issues of social and economic justice—for projects that use community organizing to bring about systemic change. UUA’s Fund For a Just Society has funded these Idaho groups:

  • Idaho Citizen’s Network: 1995
  • Interfaith Alliance: 2013
  • United Vision for Idaho: 2017

Not Part of UUA, But Promoted by UUA: Faithify

A crowdfunding platform that UUers can use to reach non-UUers.