This year we’ve launched a new program called “Soul Matters.” This is a UU theme-based approach to worship and congregational life with developed resources to help explore the theme in a wide variety of ways. Each month will have a spiritual theme (see below) which we will see as the underlying theme during most of our worship services, including soulful sundown. Our Religious Education program will use the themes as the foundation for Sunday morning RE classes, coming of age, Sr. High and potential adult learning opportunities. Our small group ministry program, or chalice circles, will use the themes in their monthly gatherings and other affiliated groups and committees will be invited to use the resources and explore the themes as they are comfortable. We will also weave the theme into our aesthetics design of the Sunday chancel space, on the order f service cover and provide individual tools to explore theme them on your own with reflection questions and spiritual exercises. We hope this will be a way for our community for foster a shared space spiritual growth and connection.

Many of our readings, questions, exercises and other resources come from the Soul Matters Sharing Circle,  a group of 130 congregations who use monthly themes and share resources and ideas.


Social Justice Monthly Plate Partners

Each month we will introduce the Plate Partner for the month, a non-profit whose work and mission are connected with justice issues. The first Sunday of the month is our Justice Sunday, when the worship theme, sermon and children’s RE will connect with and honor the work of the plate partner. Together with Plate Partners and the people who nominated them, Rev. Sara and the Social Justice Council will explore opportunities through collaborative programming (ex: book discussion, arts opportunity, issue forum, workshop etc). For more information about the plate partners below, please visit our plate partner webpage.



Our 2016-2017 Soul Matters themes and plate partners

September 2016 – Anticipation
Plate Partner: SPAN (Suicide Prevention Action Network)

October 2016 – Blessing
Plate Partner: PIFF (Pay It Forward Fund for BUUF)

November 2016 – Resilience
Plate Partner: CATCH (Charitable Assistance for the Community’s Homeless)

December 2016 – Defying Hate (connecting with UUSC’s Guest At Your Table Theme
Plate Partner: Family Medical Center Refugee Program

January 2017 – Kinship
Plate Partner: Meszko (Partner Church) Scholarship Fund

February 2017 – Delight
Plate Partner: Learning Lab

March 2017 – Promise (Also AGD month)
Plate Partner: Planned Parenthood

April 2017 – Resistance
Plate Partner: BUUF Fund for Refugee Scholarships to Summer Camp

May 2017 – Freedom
Plate Partner: WCA (Women’s and Children’s Alliance)

June 2017 – Wonder
Plate Partner: Idaho Humane Society

July 2017 – (no spiritual theme)
Plate Partner: Habitat for Humanity

August 2017 (no spiritual theme)
Plate Partner: Malheur County Search and Rescue

Our upcoming themes for 2017-2018 (17-18 Plate Partner voting begins May 7th)

September 2017 – Welcome

October 2017 – Courage

November 2017 – Abundance

December 2017 – Hope

January 2018 – Intention

February 2018 – Perseverance

March 2018 – Balance

April 2018 – Emergence

May 2018 – Creativity 

June 2018 – Blessing

July 2018 – (no theme)

August 2018 – (no theme)