Climate Action Team meeting notes, April 19, 2021


Link to CAT pages on BUUF’s website:

  1. Attending:  Dario Bollacasa, Claudia Fernsworth, Betsy Johnson, Dennis and Sharon Rockwood, Jane Rohling, Cornelia Sprung, Chuck Tate, John and Paula Warren, Tom von Alten

Earth Month 2021 Calendar:  Cathy and Scott – looks great!

–  Earth Month Kit -.Team: Cornelia, Betsy, Scott/Cathy, Blanca, Rick, John, Paula, Eileen.  Thanks everyone!

– Events by Date -confirmed

  • April 18 (Sun) – Worship “Earth Month Kick Off”
  • April 20 (Tues) – “Where’s The Beef: The Road to a Plant-Based Diet”  Paula and John Warren. Betsy will write summary.  Will be recorded and link put into summary.
  • April 22 (Thu) – Earth Day – Screening of “Kiss the Ground” (85min). Dennis will write the summary.  DVD will be available at BUUF library after Earth Month.
  • April 23 (Fri)  – “ Kiss the Ground” – follow up discussion  Dennis will write summary. Will be recorded and link put into the summary.
  • April 26 (Mon) – “Meatless Monday” cooking demo by Chef Michael Alvarado and Rev. Sara LaWall 
  • May 2 (Sun) – “Equitable Climate Action: What is the Reality and What Are the Solutions,” Ty Benoit  Tom will write summary.  Will be recorded and link put into summary.
  • May 4 (Tues) – “Where’s The Beef: The Road to a Plant-Based Diet” Part 2 – follow up discussion Paula and John Warren  Betsy will write summary. Will be recorded and link inserted into summary.
  • May 6 (Thurs)  Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) Boise Chapter – updates to the Carbon Fee and Dividend solution they propose in the new Congress and new Admistration.  Linda Rytterager and Nancy Basinger  Scott will moderate chat and discussion.  Scott will write summary.  Session will be recorded and recording link inserted.

5.  Other:

  • Interfaith Power and Light (IPL) C.A.B.I (Congregation Ahavath Beth Israel (CABI) here in Boise, Environmental Group hosted information call about starting an Idaho Affiliate of IPL. Interfaith Equality group (Debbie Mallis) and other faith groups on call.  Sharon will represent BUUF in follow up discussions.  Earth Month links are being shared with ~20 so we can all amply the work we’re doing.
  • What’s Next?  It’s not too soon to consider climate topics for the rest of 2021. 
    • FIRST NEW TOPIC:  Tour a Pollinator Garden – Sharon reported that Sarah Cox offered to give a tour of her pollinator garden, share information on converting to native plants, etc.  Timing would be sometime in May/June. This would be an in-person event with 25 max. attendance. Claudia volunteered to contact Sarah to discuss possible dates, logistics, etc.  Jane and Chuck will assist.  Blanca is a volunteer at Garden City pollinator garden by the library.  Will report back at next CAT meeting or sooner. 
  • BUUF Google Drive:  Cornelia has offered to follow up and establish a Drive that will store CAT information (i.e. docs.associated with events and materials prepared for Zoom presentations.  Tom mentioned that BUUF has a Google Drive and will inquire if CAT can have access. 

  7.   NEXT MEETING: (3rd Monday) May 17 at 7:30-8:30pm