Welcome to the Volunteer Opportunities page!

This page is in progress and will serve as a living document of all of our current volunteer opportunities. Reach out to the contacts listed in each opportunity or email info@boiseuu.org if you have interest.

Internal Opportunities

Sunday Service

Newcomer Greeter

Be the first friendly face our newcomers see! We are on the lookout for warm and welcoming folks to staff the tables at each entrance to say “hello!” to newcomers and make them feel at home. Contact Nancy at nancy@boiseuu.org to learn more or volunteer.


New folks need greeted, but so does everyone else! Ushers had out programs as people come into the sanctuary and aid with the collection plate in the middle of service. Contact Nancy at nancy@boiseuu.org to learn more or volunteer.


The celebrants are a group of trained worship associates who participate in the liturgy on Sunday morning. Celebrants work with the minister to choose the Call to Worship and readings, compose an Opening Reflection, and help create and hold the space for the transformative experience of worship. Celebrants meet with the worship team and alternatively with Rev. Sara to discuss the upcoming themes. Celebrants must receive a training from Rev. Sara before appearing in the pulpit. Contact Nancy at nancy@boiseuu.org to learn more or volunteer.

Chalice Lighter

The children of our beloved community are an important part of our worship tradition. Each week, we invite a child to light the chalice to recognize the children and youth in our community, our responsibility to them, and the future we’re building together. Our chalice lighters are 5 years old or older and registered in Religious Exploration.

Lighting the chalice for the first time is a very special event in a child’s life.  Rev. Sara & Emily cherish their time with new chalice lighters and love to get to know them better and introduce them to the congregation.  First time chalice lighters are recognized and introduced to the congregation on Sundays when Rev. Sara and Emily are here in the fellowship. Contact Emily at familyministries@boiseuu.org to learn more or volunteer.

Hospitality Team

Who loves coffee, tea, and snacks? Basically all of us. Our hospitality team works to organize snacks and treats, makes coffee and hot water, and cleans up afterward allin our beutiful new fellowhsip space. Although simple, the experience with hospitality is magical. There’s nothing quite like working in a kitchen to make fast friends out of strangers. Contact Carolyn at bevington.carolyn@gmail.com to learn more and volunteer.

Religious Exploration Rooms

The kiddos love having a guide and/or an adult participant as they explore faiths, spirituality, and the world around them. The RE team is always in search of:

  • singers and musicians,
  • painters and sculptors,
  • builders, designers, and all kinds of makers
  • storytellers
  • dancers and movers and shakers and players
  • soulful companions to listen
  • outside enthusiasts who love to play and share their wisdom

Contact Emily at familyministries@boiseuu.org to learn more and volunteer.

Building Maintenance

The maintainenance of our spiritual “Home”, the building and facilities that provide a comfortable and safe environment for Fellowship activities. Contact Rachel at administrator@boiseuu.org to learn more or volunteer.


Ensures that Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship’s communal interior space provides a warm and welcoming environment for current and future members, friends, and visitors. Meets the first Monday of the month, 5:00 p.m. in the Library. Contact Rachel at administrator@boiseuu.org to learn more or volunteer.

Groundskeeping/Outdoor Sanctuary

Create a landscape in harmony with the spirit of community that is the Boise UU essence and in harmony with the climate and soils of the arid Boise environment. Holds occasional work parties to help with landscaping, planting, and maintenance of Boise UU’s lovely grounds. Contact Rachel at administrator@boiseuu.org to learn more or volunteer.

Office Help

From time to time the office needs extra person power to get things done. We have mailing parties, folding parties, and sometimes we have both! We also love help in the office with making packets for newcomers and new members as well as other odd jobs. Contact Rachel at administrator@boiseuu.org to learn more or volunteer.

External Opportunities

Our work in the community, our external work, is all social justice oriented. This is the short version of our justice story. One day a villager notices a baby crying as it floats down a river. The villager rescues the baby and is horrified to see more coming down the river. Soon a team is put together to rescue babies out of the river. One villager has a clever thought. Where are the babies coming from? And so they take a team up river to stop babies from being thrown in the river.

In our justice work there’s downstream work that we engage in. We run and volunteer at the EBT stands at both Farmers Markets. We volunteer with the Food Bank to make packs for kiddos when school isn’t in session. We provide hot meals and safe nights at Interfaith Sanctuary for folks impacted by homelessness. All of this work is important and helps relieve suffering, but does not work to stop the suffering at its source.

So we work upstream as well. We protest, witness, and work with policy makers. We phone bank, canvas, and talk to our friends and neighbors. We host events and teach-ins to educate ourselves and the public.

Downstream Opportunities

Farmer’s Markets EBT booths

Food Bank – Mallard Point

Food Bank – MLKJr. Day

Interfaith Sanctuary – Nights

Interfaith Sanctuary – Sunday Meals

Upstream Opportunities

Citizenship training

ESL for adults and kids

Plate Partners – Fundraising and Projects

Rapid Response Team

Rallies & Protests

Resolution Writing

Rise Up!

Social Justice Ministries

Refugee and Immigrant Ministry

Earthcare Ministry

Pride Ministry