Path to Membership

Your decision to join the Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (BUUF) is a journey: one of deepening connection and commitment within this faith community. We are a dynamic liberal faith community devoted to individual spiritual growth and social justice in our world. While there are no “belief” requirements for membership, such as creeds or statements of faith, members are asked to complete the Path to Membership. Membership is open to anyone sixteen years or older. There are just a few easy steps to membership:

  • Complete 3 sessions of the Inquirers series (see below)
  • Meet with the minister or designee for an informal discussion
  • Find ways to regularly participate in the BUUF community, as you are able
  • Respect the principles and purposes of the UUA, and the mission and covenant of the Fellowship
  • Provide monetary (Pledging) and/or volunteer support
  • Sign the membership book

Once you have signed the membership book you will have the opportunity to participate in a membership ceremony. These are offered regularly throughout the year at services called “Joining Sundays.”

Benefits of Membership

Everyone is welcome to worship with us and to participate in our programs, including friends, visitors and non-members, but membership is a special step, one that shows a deepening commitment to the ideals of UU and a willingness to contribute to our beloved community. Membership indicates a commitment to deepen your own spiritual growth and to participate in and contribute to the life of the congregation.

Meeting the Minister

You are invited to meet with our minister, Rev. Sara LaWall, at any time during the membership process. Rev. Sara will schedule a Sunday afternoon during each Inquirers cycle where she will meet with interested attendees. She is also available during her monthly “Coffee and Conversation” community hours. If those dates are not available for you, you can schedule a one-on-one meeting by emailing her directly.

Inquirers Series

Newcomers and others interested in learning about the basics of Unitarian Universalism (UU) are invited to attend the Inquirers Series. This is a series of five conversations built around our church, our faith and our community. To complete membership you will need to attend 3 sessions: “UU History, Principles and Sources,” “Membership 101,” and a third session of your choosing. The series is offered back-to-back, year-round, and is designed so that you can start at any point in the cycle.

Community Participation

Participation includes: regularly attending a worship service or spiritual practice at BUUF, including Sunday worship & Soulful Sundown; attend at least two community events each year, for instance, the Boston Bounders’ Chowder Supper, community dinners, young adult events etc.; participate in community life, which may include joining a chalice circle, participating in an affinity group, or volunteering for a garden clean-up party. Contact our Membership Coordinator, Nancy Harms, for more information.

Children’s Membership

Although children under the age of sixteen are unable to complete the path to membership, they are eligible for child dedication. Contact our Religious Exploration Coordinator, Gem Emerson Paige, for more information.