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What should my Team or Ministry consider before planning an event?

There are a few questions your group should talk through, before scheduling and publicizing any Boise UU project or event. If you run into trouble thinking these things through, our Program Support Specialist or our Minister are happy to offer support!

We vision Boise UU events being in alignment with our Mission and Vision. As a congregation, we have made the commitment to make all events family friendly and accessible, with childcare provided.

Questions to ask yourselves:

  1. Is this project or event consistent with Boise UU’s Mission, Ends Statements, and Strategic Plan? Is it in alignment with our congregation’s values and culture?
  2. Is this the right thing for our Team or Ministry to prioritize right now? Does our group have the energy, volunteer support, and resources to see it through? This includes planning, set up, the event itself, and clean up afterward.
  3. Do we have a clear sense of the purpose of our project or event? How will we know if it achieved its purpose? Can we commit to learning from this effort, regardless of whether we “succeed” or “fail?”
  4. Will this project or event have an impact on another Boise UU Ministry or Team? On our staff or minister? Have we checked in with those folks, to ask appropriate questions, or to invite them to collaborate?
  5. Will you offer childcare? If you wish to offer childcare and/or kids’ activities at your event, please add that item to your budget. Childcare at our facility costs $14/hr. Please contact our Childcare Coordinator to request childcare at least 3 weeks in advance.
  6. Does this event require a budget? If your group already has a budget contact the Director of Administration for an update on the status of your budget. If you are unsure if you have a budget, contact the Director of Administration. If you do not have a budget OR if your event isn’t directly connected to your group’s purpose, the fellowship has a budget for fellowship events and connections that may be used upon approval. Contact Rev. Sara to discuss your options.
    • All funds to be reimbursed must be approved beforehand by your group and the Director of Administration must be informed of such approval BEFORE money is spent. To be reimbursed, fill out a reimbursement form and return to the office staff.


How do I schedule an event or meeting on the calendar?

  1. What’s the capacity for this event? Is this a meeting for 6? A congregation wide event? 
  2. What equipment is needed? Do we need access to audio/visual equipment? Does someone who will be present know how to use it? Will someone need staff to teach them about the equipment?
  3. What room(s) are needed? Will the kitchen be used? If you plan on using the kitchen, please review the guidelines here and contact Nancy if your group needs to be trained.
  4. Check in with your Team or Ministry members to find a good date and time. Many of our leaders have found Doodle to be a helpful tool, particularly when trying to schedule a date for groups of more than 4 or 5 people.
    • If you expect your Ministry or Team will meet regularly, consider agreeing upon a recurring time (e.g. “3rd Monday of the month, quarterly on the 1st Sunday” etc.). This helps people plan for upcoming meetings on a predictable schedule, and keeps the meetings on their calendar, to avoid scheduling conflicts down the road.
  5. Is the desired space available on the Calendar? If so, please complete this meeting request form linked here and staff will be in touch to confirm:  If this is a recurring meeting, please be sure to notify the office staff of any date/time changes so we can keep our calendar up-to-date.

Office Staff:

Nancy Harms, Program Support Specialist (

Rachel Strong, Director of Administration (

How do I promote my event at Boise UU?

Below are all of our communication tools and how to use them. We recommend you use all of them.

  1. BUUF Gazette, Weekly Email Newsletter (delivered on Wednesdays). Please send a short write up with all pertinent details to Nancy Harms (50 words or less). Staff may edit for content and space needs.
  2. Sunday Order of Service Announcements. Staff will use your write-up and include events in the order of service as space permits. We give priority to congregational events.
  3. Post to BUUF google group. Email your announcement to If you are not currently signed up in this group, see instructions here.
  4. Posting on Facebook.
    1. BUUF Facebook Group. If you are a member of the “BUUF” private group on Facebook, you can post your own notice.
    2. Office staff will post large congregational and community events on our official public Facebook page “Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.” Please allow staff to create an official Facebook event.
  5. Monthly Theme Email. This is our monthly publication that offers longer reflections related to our monthly spiritual themes and congregational life. Please send a story based write up with all pertinent details to Nancy Harms (150 words or less). Staff may edit for content and space needs.
  6. Posters. Ask to put a poster up on our bulletin boards or windows. If you would like creative help for creating a poster, please ask staff.

Events will run for a maximum of 2 weeks. If you send a blurb for an event to us more than 2 weeks in advance, we may hold it until closer to the event date. Exceptions may be made for events that require an RSVP in advance – these can run for up to 2 weeks before the RSVP deadline, and, as appropriate, may be re-listed as the event itself approaches at the discretion of the staff.

How do I get written materials printed or copied?

Our office staff is happy to print materials and make copies for your Team or Ministry meetings, for small group gatherings, or for flyers or handouts at other Boise UU events.

Costs for small print jobs (less than 50 copies), black and white copies or basic color printing (colored text or logo) are all covered in our general printing budget. If you have complex jobs that can’t be done by a typical office printer (e.g. signs, large color photos, bound booklets) and need help navigating the manifestation of these jobs, ask the staff for consultation.

Can I use the movie or music licensing?

Yes! Absolutely. Each year Boise UU Fellowship purchases a popular movie license and a popular music license. If the movie played in a theater or the song over the radio the license will probably cover the rights to show/play it at Boise UU Fellowship. If the movie or song wasn’t released by a major label, then you can contact Nancy at to find out if that piece of media is covered. If you would like to put on a film screening, all film screenings need to be approved ahead of time by Rev. Sara.