Welcome to the world of Family Ministries!  A sacred space, both physical and emotional, for children and youth and their families to explore, discover, grow and transform. Within this space, we strive to nurture our children and youth to become compassionate and justice seeking individuals who are centered in the values of our religious community and surrounded in love, and who know and act on the understanding that they are an integral part of our congregational life.  We encourage families and friends of RE and the larger Boise UU Fellowship community to help each other connect with the sacred and profound as they foster caring appropriate relationships with our children and youth.

The Family Ministries strives to be a resource for friends and families of all kinds building their sense of belonging, connection, commitment, and engagement  in our community, deepening their Sunday experience, and providing resources for them to grow their UU faith beyond Sundays.

The Family Ministry community is proud to offer engaging and comprehensive liberal religious education for children and youth in the Treasure Valley.  All are welcome here and we are always happy to have visitors join our community of spiritual seekers on Sunday mornings and beyond.

Children enjoy the adventure and discovery of religious exploration more if they have an opportunity to make friends and know what’s going on.  For that reason, regular attendance is important.  Please bring your children often.  We’d love to see you every Sunday!

In faith and fellowship,
Emily (Gem) Emerson Paige
Director of Family Ministries