We are building a new way, feeling stronger ev’ry day, We are building a new way.

We can feed our ev’ry need, Start with love, that is the seed. We can feed our every need.

Peace and freedom is our cry, Without these this world will die. Peace and freedom is our cry.

A place of refuge from the fray, serenity and peace and play, We are Building a New Way.

Carbon Neutral is our cry, our earth and future must survive, We are Building a New way.

-Adapted from lyrics by Martha Sandefer
Hymn #1017 Singing the Journey

Visionaries who built our beloved BUUF, our spiritual home, gave us a precious gift. Now it is our turn to renew, refresh and redesign this home for ourselves, Building a New Way for ourselves and for the wider community.

We are conducting a combined Annual Giving Drive and Capital Campaign effort in 2024 to maintain support for our annual budget and raise $1.1 Million for our Serene Sanctuary, Carbon Neutral HVAC, and Maintenance Fund projects.

Click here to view our Campaign Brochure.

Campaign progress: pledges total $650,000 or 60% of our $1.1M goal!

If you would like to speak with someone about the campaign, please email the Combined Campaign Leadership Team.