To reach any of our staff by phone, call 208.658.1710

Rev. Sara LaWall


With such a love for bouldering, yoga, heights, and the trapeze, somehow Rev. Sara has managed to not run away to the circus. She has, however, traveled the world’s “spiritual hotspots,” like Angkor Wat and Machu Picchu, with her husband Michael. We’re grateful to have her here in Boise since she accepted our call in 2015. She is a champion for social justice issues which is an integral part of her spiritual life; and works to weave justice and spirituality into the life of the congregation. As her sons put it “she teaches us to never be afraid to say what you truly believe.” In Rev. Sara’s “free” time when she takes a break from ministry and isn’t on the climbing wall or singing with our Soulful group, she’s indulging in ice cream, Netflix, and family time.

Emmie Schlobohm

Director of Family Ministries


Emmie is a lover of sending love notes to tell people how amazing they are. Which makes sense because she follows her heart and lives life from a place of love. A wanderlusting soul, replenished by the sound of silence and the roll of ocean waves or the babbling of a stream, when Emmie isn’t at Boise UU, she can be found exploring our planet. Dark chocolate mochas make her happy, people being disrespectful does not. Emmie and her team lead our children and youth through religious exploration, or is it the other way around?

Rachel Strong

Director of Administration

Rachel has deep roots in the Treasure Valley going back at least four generations. She has small hands, and a big love for coffee and self reflection. Rachel is organized and compassionate. When she’s not streamlining processes based on her excellent knowledge of analytic efficiency, she’s spending time with her two boys and other people she loves.

Nancy Harms

Program Support Specialist

Nancy is more than meets the eye. A keen interest in murder mysteries makes her an excellent problem solver. Family is incredibly important to her and she loves spending time with them. An owner of a broad palate, her favorite taste is Thanksgiving dinner. Her whole face lights up when she smiles. Nancy is helpful, she remembers nearly everyone in the congregation by name, their children, and fun stories about them.

Tessa Veto

Social Justice and Membership Coordinator
(208) 658-1710

Tess soaks up the wild world around her. As a child she learned how to make a loon call from loons on Ashley Lake in Montana. As an adult she practices sword fighting in the park every Wednesday. She loves the taste of ginger and cooking nutritious foods with friends. Her eye for design comes from observing the natural world; her favorite sequence is Fibonacci’s. Tess’s work in Social Justice started with Standing Rock, but she’s believed in a kinder world her whole life. When she’s not camping around the Pacific Northwest, you can find her here at Boise UU with wild hair and bold lipstick colors.

Emily/Gem Emerson Paige

Religious Exploration Coordinator
(208) 658-1710

Emily is a gem, leading to their second name: Gem. She loves to embroider, perfectly placed french knots are her calling. Emily also enjoys photographing her smol doggo “Kita” who frequents the office with her. Even though they have a hard time naming directly what makes them so unique, there are many good-natured quirks: their vast knowledge of Beyonce, love of chalky candy, and dislike of slugs and snot being the tip of the iceberg. Emily is eager for justice and creativity, and to instill those values in our youngest minds.

Carrie Bastian

Director of Music
(208) 283-4152

Carrie is a lover of the arts. She reads literature with David, her English professor husband, and composes hymns for our monthly themes. She’s a huge fan of opera and traveling the world, most notably hiking the Camino de Santiago in Spain and leading a musical pilgrimage through Transylvania. Carrie also likes to explore through yoga and meditation. She’s our energetic, passionate, and dedicated music director, leading our music program and hearts.

Morgan Angus

Childcare Coordinator

(208) 658-1710

Morgan joined our staff in December 2017. She has been working with children since 2013 all over the US. She is originally from Seattle, WA and has taken the last four years to travel around the United States with her children’s dad for his job. We are blessed to have such a caring and professional person in our nursery every Sunday and providing childcare for all of our congregation’s events.