RIM mtg minutes 4/26/2023

Attending:  Betty Van Gheluwe, Dianne Morton, Valez Bird, Cathy Sandstrom

Items discussed:

  1. Bare Roots Collective.  Sue, Betty, Diana and I attended a zoom meeting with Rebecca Strong, co-founder of this new organization working to support marginalized young adults aged 18-25 transition successfully into adulthood.  The first cohort, which will be refugee women, starts in May.  The program is 10 months long and involves monthly adventure and educational meetings and pairing with mentors who meet with mentees once a week.   In addition to mentors, they are looking for volunteers to help with gatherings, such as providing space or food.  Bare Roots Collective is a plate partner nominee.
  1. Plate Partner votes due by April 30. In addition to the Bare Roots Collective, the Refugee and Immigrant category includes PODER and The Refugee Speakers Bureau.
  1. Changes within the Refugee Speaker’s Bureau.  Salome Mwangi is no longer with the Bureau since a few weeks ago..  I contacted Tara Wolfson of the IOR who indicated that the RSB will continue to operate.  I do not know who will be heading it up.
  1. Old Business.  A.  Jeannie Peterson shopped for and delivered 2 bundles for the ANA donation drive!  B.  Sue directed Rachel Strong to create a beautiful poster for the BUUF bulletin boards about RIM.  C.  Cathay contacted the people who agreed to become cosigners.  Two of them have not yet been asked to cosign by the ANA.  Four others have not had any major issues with cosigning and at least 2 of the 4 would do it again.  Cathy will send out an information letter to the congregation about our experience and the HouseYourNeighbor program and website
  1. Summer plans.  We will meet in May, but not June or July.  August is undecided.  We hope to have some informal gatherings.  Suggestions include:  Boise’s World Refugee day celebration,  Saturday, June 17, 9:30 am to 1:00 pm, Grove Plaza, and the Global Lounge Farm and Art market which occurs Fridays 5-9 pm, from May 5th to Sep 29.
  1. Further discussion of hosting a Refugee Story event at BUUF.  At a previous discussion a suggestion was made to host Refugee Speaker’s Bureau speakers after a service in the fall. As the head of the RSB, we assumed Salome would be involved. Options discussed today include meeting with the organization or perhaps asking Salome to come with Chantal of the Congolese church who is very eager to share her story with BUUF.  Next steps should be to discuss with the Worship committee and Salome. Cathy will contact Diana to discuss as she wasn’t able to attend today’s meeting
  1. Upcoming Events for May!
  • ANA Movie Night at the Flicks, May 4, I am the Revolution
  • May 4, 5:30-8 pm, First Thursday Artist Performance, Luma Jasmin, Linen Bldg.
  • Run for Refugees, ANA annual jog-a-thon, May 6.

 Next RIM meeting, 3 pm, 5/18. Sunshine Spice