Social Justice Council, 5/4/21

Time: 6pm – 7:30Connection InformationJoin Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 894 7903 6119,  Passcode: chalice

Attending: Dennis & Sharon Rockwood, Mark Bussolini, Don Stepich, Marni Odermann, Jax Perez, Betty Van Gheluwe, Jim Bigelow


  • Check in
  • Plate Partners
    • 2020 – 2021
      • June – Giraffe Laugh – Betty
      • July – Idaho Food Bank – Mark
      • August – Jesse Tree – Marni
    • 2021 – 2022
      • Reviewing and Selecting the Slate of Nominated Organizations:
      • Voting
        • the nominees will be presented at the Annual meeting
        • Jim will create a google form for the voting after the meeting
        • Rev Sara and Nancy will handle advertising the voting
        • After the votes are tallied the Social Justice Council will review the selected organizations with respect to the Social Justice Categories (below) and choose 2 organization to complete the roster of 10 plate partners
          • do this during the June meeting on June 1.
      • Social Justice Categories
        • Which category (shown below) covers sexual & domestic violence? Add a new category
        • Revisited Social Justice Categories
          • racial justice & criminal justice reform
          • environmental justice
          • reproductive justice & health care
          • gender issues/justice
          • economic justice
          • refugee and immigrant justice
          • children, families and youth empowerment
          • LGBTQ+ justice
          • Against Sexual and Domestic Violence
  • Round Table
    • Indigenous
      • Held a meeting on April 28 to continue the work of the March workshop: Toward Indigenous Right Relations.
        • will continue meeting, next meeting May 18
        • will be part of the racial justice ministry and work with Kessler-Keener and Anti-Bias working group
        • Suggested reading: Indigenous People’s History of the United States
    • Racial –
      • started thinking about programming for the fall, video/discussion format, move to in-person as covid eases
      • trying something different about the video of the month w/ a 5/24 open discussion of the documentary.
    • Climate — plant based diet — Earth Month
    • Immigrant/Refugee/Asylum
      • working w/ lawyer for asylum hearing
    • Economic
      • Mark – shift from Interfaith Sanctuary to Corpus Christi who can use the food. Carol Bevington cooking twice a month Also including the BUUF Food Pantry. Mark’s
    • Jax (they/them)- Will be doing the social media for BUUF — see them for information to be broadcast. Works for Intermountain fair house council, look there to see their work.
  • June 1 next meeting —
    • review voting and pick 2 plate partners