Social Justice Resolution to Defend and Advocate with Transgender, Nonbinary, and Intersex Communities

Date: 9/9/2021, 6:25 pm, updated 1/28/22 by Jim Bigelow
Status: Ratified by BUUF congregation on 1/11/22

Note: This resolution is inspired by the Action of Immediate Witness ratified at the 2021 General Assembly of the UUA: Defend and Advocate with Transgender, Nonbinary, and Intersex Communities (PDF)

WHEREAS,  our  faith  has  publicly  called  for  transgender-affirming actions  for  over  three  decades and  trans,  nonbinary,  and  intersex  people  are  a  cherished part  of  Unitarian  Universalism; 

WHEREAS,  In 2020 the Idaho legislature proposed three anti-transgender bills and two were signed into law.

WHEREAS, in  2021  over  one hundred anti-trans  U.S.  state  laws have  been  proposed,  particularly targeting  trans  youth  and  trans  people  with  the  least power,  enabling  discrimination  in  sports, healthcare,  education,  birth  certificates,  and  beyond, and  at  least  eighteen  bills  have  been passed  in  eight  states; 

WHEREAS,  anti-trans  bills  use  false  notions  of  “religious freedom”  and  “protecting”  women  and children  as  an  excuse  for  discrimination; 

WHEREAS,  Unitarian  Universalism  supports  human  rights and  dignity  for  all,  including  access to  employment,  education,  public  accommodations,  housing, transportation,  sports  and recreation,  healthcare,  voting,  and  public  services;

THEREFORE,  BE  IT RESOLVED THAT we, the members of the Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, affirm  that  living  one’s  identity,  in  terms  of  gender identity/expression,  sex characteristics,  and  affectional/sexual  orientation, is  part  of  our  free  exercise  of  religion, and  that  religious  exceptionalism  that  promotes  discrimination abridges  human  rights and  our  free  exercise  of  religion;


  1. Support, collaborate with, and increase material inclusion of trans, nonbinary, and intersex Unitarian Universalists by:
    1. Giving power and resources to trans, nonbinary, and intersex youth, adults, and organizations,
    2. Respecting all people’s self-identified names and pronouns, and all people’s privacy regarding trans, nonbinary, or intersex history/status,
    3. Working to ensure accessible all-gender restrooms are available in all our spaces,
    4. Ensuring all social and spiritual practices and communications use inclusive language, and
    5. Offering rituals for name or pronoun changes and other important milestones;
  2. Support local organizations led by trans/nonbinary/intersex people and their efforts to reimagine policing, decriminalize sex work, fund shelters for the unhoused, and other efforts that help trans/nonbinary/intersex people, particularly those who are low-income, BIPOC, and/or disabled;
  3. Engage in regular learning about gender diversity, including the unique experiences/needs of intersex people, and help educate the broader public, particularly medical and mental health professionals; and
  4. Build Beloved Community by engaging intersectional anti-racism and anti-oppression, deepening relationships across difference, sharing power equitably, and centering the leadership and needs of those targeted by multiple systems of oppression.

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