The Board of Directors is the primary decision-making body for BUUF and represents the congregation. The Board consists of a president, vice-president, past president, secretary, treasurer, and four at-large directors.

The Board is responsible for ensuring BUUF is operating in line with its Mission, Vision, and Ends Statements. The Board establishes policies, makes choices about goals and strategies, and decides who will be responsible for implementing them –  and is ultimately responsible for seeing that the congregation’s money, property, and people are kept safe and that the congregation lives in harmony with its own values.

The Board meets at least once per month, per BUUF bylaws. Board meetings are open to members and friends (with the exception of executive sessions).

Members and friends are welcome to send messages to the Board via the Board secretary and/or President.

The BUUF 2019-2020 Board

President – Scott Smith

Vice President Sarah

Treasurer Tom von Alten

Secretary – Elaine

Past President – Rachel Murphy

Directors – Elizabeth Pirie, Eileen Geddings, Cathy Sherman, Mark Zimmerer

The members of the 2020-2021 BUUF Board have agreed to conduct ourselves according to the Covenant below:

As members of the Board of Directors of the Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, we covenant to keep the best interests of the congregation at heart and be accountable to the congregation and other stakeholders for competent, conscientious, and effective accomplishment of our obligations as a body.  As stewards of the resources of our fellowship, we will conduct ourselves in an ethical and businesslike manner.

We will embrace and share our experience, wisdom, and gifts in carrying out this work.

We will honor the diverse personalities, knowledge, skills, and abilities of our members by working to create an environment in which all are heard and respected.  We will create a space where all members are safe to speak, and all members will be focused on mutual purpose and respect.  We will maintain a culture of integrity by holding each other accountable for our commitments.

We will be honest and realistic in our expectations and commitments, both individually and collectively.  We will accept and forgive our failures.  As part of a faith community, we will seek to minister to each other, sharing our joys, sorrows, successes, and struggles.

In this spirit, we covenant to further the mission of the congregation as we strive to uphold the principles and purposes of our faith.

We will honor this covenant by:

  • Faithfully attending and being fully engaged in board meetings
  • Being prompt, prepared, and focused
  • Speaking with one voice through our adopted policies

Inspired by the words of the children’s recessional in our Sunday worship life,

May our minds be open to new learning,

May our lips bring truth into the world,

May our hearts know love and our hands do the work of justice.