CAT, Carbon Neutral, 11/20/23

Date/time/location: Nov. 20, 2023 at 1pm in the classroom in the North Wing of BUUF.

Attending: Lisa Hecht,  John O’Connor, Carol Ogburn, Jim Bigelow


  • October Meeting Notes:
  • Next Meeting Dec. 18
    • Bown Crossing Library at 1 pm
  • Reference Material for Climate Action Team:
  • Becoming a Carbon Neutral Congregation
    • building and grounds
      • Update on BUUF switching to a Clean HVAC system
        • systems will be replaced with all electric equivalents
        • upgrade timelines depends on the BUUF capital campaign, probably 2025
      • Tree inventory to refine Outdoor Sanctuary carbon capture
        • Trees tagged and circumference recorded: 221
        • Trees measured for carbon capture: 151  (68%)
        • results: 7.32 mt/yr of CO2 captured.
        • Initial guess: 8 mt/yr of CO2 captured
        • We need to measure the height of 70 trees to complete the calculations of all the trees inventoried.
          • either Dec 4th or 6th
    • BUUF households
      • Planning for class/workshop with Lisa Hecht
      • Develop a short speech or video to be played at for the annual giving drive meetings
      • Develop little grid of options,  and stickers for accomplishments  for those who don’t find the numbers and graphs of the a carbon footprint appealing
      • Develop a large grid for the congregation to put up of wall where it’s visible on Sundays
      • Put the BUUF CARBON NEUTRAL BY 2050 logo on the BUUF web page next to the green sanctuary logo
  • Energy Efficiency
    • coordinate with the group doing BUUF maintenance
  • Cool Congregations Challenge
    • Submit window: Nov 1 – Dec 15
    • We will submit an entry for
      • Energy Saver: Lighting, Insulation, Windows & Doors, Heating & Cooling Systems
        • Possibly: HVAC replacement with heat pumps
      • Cool Congregations Planner: Audits, Planning Reports, Fundraising
        • BUUF carbon footprint and our plans to switch HVAC to all electric
  • Interfaith Power and Light
    • Coordinate with the Boise First Congregational UCC, Nov 29 to help them start a green team
    • Attend Dec 5 IPL event God’s Creation, Faith and Our Responsibility