Social Justice Council, 3/2/21

Time: 6 – 7:30 pm

Attending: Don Stepich, Mark Bussolini, Marni Odermann, Jim Bigelow, Jax Perez, Betty Van GheluweAgenda:

  • check-in
    • Mark –  had second shots and will travel to NYC  to visit family
    • Jax – working from home, & trying to leave space for others to get their shots
    • Marni — Getting ACLU to speak next Sunday
    • Don – RJM working on a 3 session series of meetings on Native American/Indigenous people Right Relations
    • Betty — has had both shots  – Ramel has court date.
    • Jim – both shots, Douglas Property task force, Indigenous Right Relations, Plate Partner nominations
  • Plate Partner
    • 2021-2022
      • As of 2/24 – 5 nominations
      • Review of Plate Partners from 2007 – 2021, see BUUF Plate Partners
        • I’ve extended this information by looking at the data in different ways   There are four different ways to look at the data and they’re shown in companion sheets described below (Access these sheets in the tabs at the bottom of the Spreadsheet):
          • PP Frequency — this shows the plate partners and how many times they’ve been a partner (sorted from most to least).  I then categorized the partners using our social justice categories with the addition of “Other” for a partner that doesn’t fit in a SJ category and “All” for a partner that fits two or more categories.
          • PP by SJ Category — this shows the plate partners sorted by Social Justice Categories
          • PP Category Use & Freq — this shows how many plate partners are in each of the SJ categories and how many times we selected a partner in that category (Frequency)
          • PP Categories by Year — this show how many partners in SJ Category, in a given year.  I’ve assigned a color to each of the numbers from zero to 8 , the darker the color the more frequently the category occurred.
        • Points to consider after looking at these sheets:
          1. The chart in Plate Partner Categories by Year shows our emphasis on Economic Justice.  In 2015-2016 60% of the plate partners can be categorized as Economic Justice. 
          2. In 2018 – 2019 we did the best job of spreading our partners across the categories.
          3. We don’t have any data from 2012-2013
          4. We don’t select partners in the Criminal Justice Reform category — should we drop it?
      • Discussion:  Usage of  BUUF Plate Partner Social Justice Categories and possible replacement
    • 2020-2021
      • April – Living Independence Network Co.  – Jim
      • May  – Life’s Kitchen – Mark 
      • June – Giraffe Laugh – Betty
      • July – Idaho Food Bank – ?
      • August – Jesse Tree – ?
  • Round-Table
    • Don –
      • RR for Native Americans  – 3 sessions, one evening, 2 Sat. Mornings, pre-registration encouraged.
      • please checkout the Racial Justice Ministry website.
    • Mark –
      • Interfaith Sanctuary — doing ok, delivered books and videos
        • The  move to a new location has been the target of a lot of bad messages
          • Should we issue a statement in support of the Interfaith Sanctuary?
        • A BUUF little library –
          • ask for donations from BUUF of both justice and recreation/renewal
          • info about month’s plate partner
          • resource information
          • should this be part of the engaging spaces/coffee?
          • don[t compete with the book nook
    • Jax –
      • Idaho Harm reduction project – local non-prof that assists with providing Narcan, safe injection sites.
      • land back movement – gives the title of land back to the original tribes.  the granters become stewards of the land.
      • supporting interfaith group of faith people, “Yes in God’s Backyard”  — opposite of NIMBY.
      • little free libraries combined w/ little free food panties.
      • combining  book nook and contribution —  QR code on
      • Unsettling Truths – Mark Charles –
        • 2 videos by Mark Charles at the Right Relations sessions.
    • Betty
      • Rumel — has a court hearing in the next couple of months.
      • Legislative Sessions — drivers licenses for undocumented people.
      • Nampa area – food drive-thru at the Ford Center, 3/10 & 3/31
        • Betty with send vol info to Mark.
  • Next meeting: 4/6/21