May we rise up to do the work of Love again and again

Spirit of Life and Love, in these times when so much seems difficult, help us remember that we are not alone. We have each other. Help keep our connections strong and remind us that kindness, generosity and trust are antidotes to fear. Help us remember that our hope and our power grow when we are faithful to our deepest commitments and to each other. May we rise up to do the work of Love again and again.  Amen.  — The Rev. Sean Parker Dennison

Our Plate Partner program enables us to live our values by supporting local and national social justice programs and organizations. Each month, 25% of our unpledged Sunday plate offerings are donated to that month’s plate partner. Plate Partners are nominated by members of the congregation, and are voted for on the Sundays leading up to our annual congregational meeting in May.

The Social Justice Council will be accepting nominations for the 2019-2020 Plate Partners.  Nominations must fit the following criteria:

  • be a 501(c)(3) organization
  • be local rather than national, although we do endorse and encourage continuing support for the ACLU and Planned Parenthood which have local affiliates that advocate for rights and policies in the Idaho Legislature
  • not have a strong religious component and/or a zealous advocate for a particular creed
  • be nominated by a BUUF member or organization
  • have a BUUF member who will be a liaison between BUUF and the organization
  • have a mission that clearly falls under one or more the UU’s 7 principles
  • Does not violate any of our UU principles or previous UUA statements of conscience.
  • fall into one or more of the following categories with the understanding that other worthy initiatives can be considered at the discretion of Social Justice Council:
    • racial justice
    • environmental justice
    • reproductive justice & health care
    • women’s justice
    • economic justice
    • refugee and immigrant justice
    • criminal justice reform
    • child families and youth empowerment
    • LGBT justice

Please contact the social justice council, Jim Bigelow, chair (  or a member of the Social Justice Council with questions and comments.

Nominate a Plate Partner Here