Our Mission: We are a caring community promoting and providing robust religious and intellectual exploration opportunities for children, youth, and adults. We offer creative and inspirational opportunities for worship. We nurture spiritual and personal growth and transformation, foster diversity by reaching out to different communities, and practice justice as individuals and as a community.

Our Vision: We are an inclusive religious community–lifting hearts, broadening minds and honoring the interconnected web of life.

Ends Statements – Strategic goals adopted by BUUF Board in February of 2016

Acting out of our values, and in accordance with our vision and mission, Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship will give to our community, our state, and the world:

A passion for social justice – where Social Justice guides and informs all aspects of BUUF’s congregational life as we work towards a more just, peaceful, compassionate, and equitable congregation, community and world.

A welcoming community – with easily discoverable pathways to participation for newcomers and others who seek to deepen their engagement.

Compassionate and justice seeking children and youth, centered in the values of our religious community and nurtured in love, who are an integral part of our congregational life.

A vibrant faith community – embracing lifelong faith development that enriches, inspires, and encourages moral and spiritual growth, and respects different spiritual journeys.         

A congregation of integrity – where we apply transparency in our governance and ministry in order to build trust and to preserve the integrity of our democratic process.

A safe and welcoming home — where our cherished buildings and outdoor sanctuary are preserved and enhanced to allow BUUF to continue to be a gathering place for all who seek to use it in furtherance of our mission.