The Inquirers Series is a new program designed to welcome newcomers into our congregation. Five topics are covered, one per session, and the sessions are cycled throughout the year. Participants are welcome to join at any time, and all are welcome! The sessions are led by lay leaders in our congregation and are coordinated by lay leaders and our membership coordinator.

Participants will become educated on church membership, culture, and on Unitarian Universalist faith and the wider church. The Inquirers‘ classroom creates a safe space for newcomers, friends and new members to explore our church community and to share their journeys with one another.

The Inquirers Series is offered every Sunday starting around 11:15am,  during second service during the service year and immediately after the 10:00am service during the summer. We meet in the Library unless otherwise noted, and coffee and tea are provided.

The Inquirers Series covers the following topics (featuring current cycle dates):

Current Class Cycle

June 2 | Congregational Life & Care

June 23 | Congregational Life & Care

June 30 | Worship & the Liturgical Year

July 7 | No Session – Sabbath Day

July 14| UU History*

July 21 | Membership 101*

TBD | Campus Tour

TBD | Q & A with the Minister*

Sept TBD | New Member Ceremony

Class Descriptions

UU History, Principles, + Sources | Required for Membership

Did you know that our history of free religious thought can be traced back to Origen of Alexandria in C.E. 230 and Arius in C.E. 260? They each deviated from the church at the time with firm beliefs in free will, possible salvation for all, and the humanity of Jesus Christ. This class covers from Origen through the present day of Unitarian, Universalist, and Unitarian Universalist beliefs, including our current principles and our congregational covenant. Although we have a strongly Judeo-Christian background, we consider our sources to come from many faith and philosophical backgrounds. For more information, visit our UU History, Principles and Source page.

Membership 101 | Required for Membership

Do you want to know more about how to become a member? This class is available to explain membership and answer any questions you might have. We encourage curiosity and understand that membership may not be the right path for you currently. We are thrilled to have you around regardless of your membership status. The biggest perk of membership is voting rights within the congregation. For more information, visit our UU History, Principles and Source page.

Q+A with our Minister | Required for Membership, May be Substituted with Meeting Rev. Sara Separately

Rev. Sara loves to meet new faces. Come with your questions and story. It’s a lively time full of laughter. If you are seeking membership and cannot attend this class, Rev. Sara has community office hours and limited availability in her schedule to meet with folks. For more information, visit our UU History, Principles and Source page.

Congregational Life

Our fellowship is a social justice based fellowship with many volunteer opportunities both within the fellowship and out in our greater community. Come to this class to learn about what our current projects are and how you can meet new friends through making coffee, working at our Farmer’s Market EBT stand, or other opportunities. For more information, visit our Social Justice and Volunteerism pages.

Campus Tour

We are situated on 4.4 acres of interwoven landscaping and natural habitat. Take a walking tour to learn about our Bridge to Transylvania, Path of All Times, Jeremiah’s Adventure Garden, and our labyrinth with other small wondrous stops along the way. If you think the walk would be difficult for you, fear not! We have a slideshow and an extra presenter each class who would love to give you a virtual tour. For more information, visit our Campus Tour page.

Care & Connection

We offer both Religious Exploration for Children and Adult Education. Both are based in the idea that our world is a special place we can be curious about. You can attend this class to find out more about the Religious Exploration classes, the Our Whole Lives (OWL) age-appropriate sexuality teaching program, and the current schedule of Adult Ed classes available.  For more information, visit our Religious Exploration and Adult Education pages.

We are only as strong as our bonds with each other. As our congregation grows, we aim to provide more and more opportunities to find connection and a sense of belonging. Small Groups are based in identities (eg. the Men’s Group or the Young Adult’s group) and affinities (eg. knitting, quilting, reading, tabletop gaming). We also strive to honor those connections in difficult times through our Congregational Care Team which provides emotional, spiritual, and financial help to individuals and families experiencing hardship. For more information, visit our Small Group Ministry and Congregational Care pages.

Worship + Liturgical Year

We unpack the word worship and what it means to us. There is a rhythm not only in our worship services, but also in our year. We detail out our holidays, funky and off beat communions, and how our year goes. For more information, visit our Worship + Liturgical Year page.

New Member Ceremony

If you would like to become a new member, please let Nancy know at least a week before the next upcoming ceremony. The New Member Ceremony is short and sweet, but also incredibly powerful in lives of members and new members alike. To find out more about membership, visit our Become a Member page.