What to Expect on Sunday!

Children and youth are welcomed into our sanctuary and community with the understanding that a noisy, wiggly church is a growing, healthy church. We aim to tailor our offerings to engage members of our community at all ages and stages.

Entering the building through the vestibules – dedicated members of our community will greet you and share more information about the service and building layout. You can order an official name badge for all members of your family to use on Sundays. We will ask for your best email if you’d like to receive up-to-date communications about getting connected with our community beyond Sunday services.

As of October 2nd, 2022 – Masking is welcomed but not required, as is social distancing. There is no requirement for vaccinations or reserving your seat to join worship.

After the service, we will hold fellowship time in our courtyard during which we all hang out and chat!

Nursery Space (Infant – Preschool)

Infants and toddlers from 0 to 5 years old are welcomed into the Nursery Space at the back of the Sanctuary. This room is tailored to the needs of our youngest community members and their caretakers: toys, board books, rocking chairs, a changing station, and special room microphone broadcasting service audio.

Children’s Religious Exploration (Pre-Kindergarten – 5th Grades)

Children are invited to begin services in the sanctuary with their families. After our Time for All Ages, we will sing children (Pre-K through 5th grade) to their religious exploration class held in the north wing. Parents, pick children up from their classroom directly after the service. You’re invited to check-out this classroom space before the service to build familiarity!

Youth’s Religious Exploration (6th – 12th Grades)

Twice a month, youth are invited to attend Youth Religious Exploration classes during the services. All other Sundays we ask youth are invited to attend service alongside their families.

Multi-Generational Services

On certain Sundays, our children’s religious exploration program takes a break and children are asked to remain in the service with their families. These Sundays will include quiet activity bags (available in the vestibules) and an engaging ritual for all ages.

Reach out to Emily Emerson-Paige, Director of Family Ministries, for full calendars and further information.

Chalice Lighters

Black background with a lit purple band below the words “Chalice Lighters.”

Our young people are encouraged to light our communal chalice, a symbol of our faith, during our opening rituals of each worship service. This is an important and popular rite of passage in our congregation.  

Families should indicate an interest with the Director of Family Ministries or indicate their child is a first-time chalice lighter on the Sunday Services sign-up sheet located in the Family Ministries hallway bulletin board.  This sacred task is offered to those 5 years and older.

The Chalice Lighters Orientation will gather our community’s children for a time of connection and community to learn about the history of our chalice and share stories and treats. New chalice lighters learn about our Sunday ritual and more our experienced lighters guide them through learning this sacred ritual.  At the orientation, new chalice lighters will sign their name to a special commemorative Chalice Lighters book and get a special chalice pin!

Child Dedications

Light pink background with a row of pink roses below the words “child dedication.”

When a child joins a family through birth or adoption or guardianship, not only is that family forever changed, but also the community in which that family lives is widened and enriched. We ceremonially welcome babies and older children into this world, and into the community which holds them, offering our lifelong commitment to the nurture of each child. A child dedication is a joyful ritual which affirms that each new person is a gift and which celebrates the covenant of family and community (excerpted from Church of the Large Fellowship, Quest for Meaning).

This special ritual takes place during our regular Sunday morning services as scheduled throughout the year and is officiated by our Minister and our Director of Family Ministries. Together, they craft a special ritual of blessing, affirmation, and welcome that involves both the family and the full congregation.

2022-2023 Child Dedication Dates:
Sunday, November 20th, 2022, Apple Communion. During this service, we will be hold a Re-Dedication Ceremony for all our children and youth, including a Re-Naming element for those who have transitioned in name or pronouns in the last few years!
More dates may be added as requested

If you are interested in having your child light the chalice or be dedicated during worship, please contact Emily Emerson-Paige, Director of Family Ministries.