Each month we feature a spiritual theme (see below) which we weave into Sunday worship. Religious Exploration and many of our small groups and gatherings. Each month’s theme is also highlighted in the aesthetic elements of the sanctuary and in the “Bringing the Theme Home” section of our order of service. We send out theme resources in an monthly email which includes readings, spiritual exercises, and reflection questions so you can explore the theme on your own or with your family members and friends. You can also access those resources on the Monthly Spotlight webpage.

Many of our readings, questions, exercises and other resources come from the Soul Matters Sharing Circle,  a UU theme-based program with more than 130 UU subscribers.

Social Justice Monthly Plate Partners

Each month we will introduce the Plate Partner for the month, a non-profit whose work and mission are connected with justice issues. The first Sunday of the month is our Justice Sunday, when the worship theme, sermon and children’s RE will connect with and honor the work of the plate partner. Together with Plate Partners and the people who nominated them, Rev. Sara and the Social Justice Council will explore opportunities through collaborative programming (ex: book discussion, arts opportunity, issue forum, workshop etc). For more information about the plate partners below, please visit our plate partner webpage.