Social Justice Council, 3/30/22

Attending: Mark Bussolini, Linda Secretan, Dennis & Sharon Rockewood, Jim Bigelow, Diana Borrero-lowe


  • March 2nd  meeting notes
  • Ingathering/Check-in
  • Must: Social Justice Fund/Special Appeal/Social Justice Fund
    • Social Justice Special Appeal to date: $12,915
    • Social Justice Council funds: $700
    • Discussion on the shared document below containing policies and guidelines on how to handle the fund
    • Linda: The Racial Justice Ministry (RJM) has worked hard to understand how to live the 8th Principle
      • How to address different groups, People in the RJM activities, those who’ve been in other Social Justice issues, others who have not been engaged so far, newcomers,  young people (20’s & 30’s), families with young children
      • Considering/Planning activities: field trips, supporting information purchase (The 1619 Project), speakers w/ accompanying master class, event child care,
      • Forecast budget for this year: $8,000
      • Is there money in the RE budget (Gem), or other that can be used?
    • Agreed:  $6,000 for the RJM to draw on
      • Would like to have more information about plans at either the April 20th and/or the June 8th meeting .
    • Diana Borrero-lowe
      • The Refugee and Immigrant Ministry wants to apply for a $3000 grant to cover emergency costs for refugees as they move from lease housing to second homes.  Emergency costs would include damages, etc.
    • Mark Bussolini– can we use $2,000 to help back the  IRC housing?
    • From Cathy Sandstrom: “The IRC recently signed a 5 year lease for an unoccupied hotel which will be used for temporary housing for refugees and some CATCH people also, I believe. There are 110 units which will slowly be converted into studio apartments. This will really reduce the cost for the families and allow for easier provision of services from the Resettlement agencies.
      The need for co-signers is not significantly decreased because these units won’t be adequate for larger (I.e. more than 3 people) families to use as permanent housing. These are standard hotel rooms with 1 queen or king bed, a set of pantry shelves, small microwave, desk, small fridge. They hope to provide hotpots for cooking and will add barbecues to the patios on ground floor rooms.
      We still want to proceed with a housing support group.”
    • No decision made on Refugee & Immigrant Ministry proposal– discuss at April 20th meeting
    • Sharon Rockwood
      • The CAT need approximately $1,000 for programs
    • No decision made on CAT proposal– discuss at April 20th meeting
    • Ongoing discussion for follow-on meetings:
      • What is our mode of operation?
        • Grant or gift giving
      • How are the funds disbursed?
  • Must: Support for Interfaith Sanctuary
    • Reverend Sara and Debra Smith have 18 tee shirts for Interfaith Sanctuary supports to wear at the following events
      • April 17th service w/Jodi Peterson,
      • Rallies to support the Interfaith Sanctuary a the City of Boise City Council Appeal Hearing
        • Monday, April 18 – 4-9 p.m.
        • Tuesday, April 19 – 10 a.m.-4 p.m. (45 minute lunch break)
        • Wednesday, April 20 – 4-9 p.m.
        • Thursday, April 21 – 4-9 p.m.
        • Monday, April 25 – 4-9 p.m.
  • Must: Plate Partners
  • Must: Next Meetings
    • March 30 (replacing April 5th)
    • April 20    ( replacing May 3rd)
    • June 8      (replacing June 7)
    • No meeting in July  instead of July 5th
    • Placeholder meeting on August 10th, not sure of an actual time in August if at all.
    • Sept 7th rather than Sept 6th
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm

  • Want: Social Justice Council and Resolutions
  • Want: Round Table
  • Want: 8th Principle/Land Reparations
    • Dave Woito, 2/19 email: donations directed to the Eight Principle will be track as part of Social Justice.
  • Want: Congregation-wide Social Justice Project
  • Want: Ukrainian Refugee relief

long Term Discussions and Planning – Fall Social Justice Workshop

  • Reproductive Justice, the end of  Roe v Wade, Idaho’s restrictive abortion law
  • How Can We Counter Soft Fascism/Illiberal Democracy Tactics?
  • How can we support democracy in the face of authoritarianism?
    • See The Dark Century by David Brooks
    • teach/support democratic skills:
      • how to weigh evidence and commit to truth;
      • how to correct for your own partisan blinders and learn to doubt your own opinions;
      • how to respect people you disagree with;
      • how to avoid catastrophism, conspiracy and apocalyptic thinking;
      • how to avoid supporting demagogues;
      • how to craft complex compromises