Gatherings listed here are open to the whole community!

Monday, June 29th 

10:00am – 11:00am ~ Monday Meditation.  Meets weekly.
This is the last week with Rev. Sara before she heads off on vacation. 
Summer meditation will continue with various leaders from the BUUF community.
Meeting ID: 874 750 248   Password: chalice

Tuesday, June 30th

11:00am – 12:00pm ~ Yoga with Mark Z.  Meets Tues. & Thurs, weekly.
Meeting ID: 668 308 475   Password: chalice

Wednesday, July 1st

9:00am – 10:00am ~ Wednesday Wake-Up! Coffee with your Racial Justice Ministry Team
There is so much going on in our country that we would like to offer a time to vent, be angry, ask questions, express sadness, and try to find the silver lining to this cloud of confusion. This will not be a structured discussion; but hopefully a time for us to support each other and offer some direction. We would love to have you join us as we process the events of our time together.
Meeting ID: 822 8108 8644 Password: chalice

Thursday, July 2nd

11:00am – 12:00pm ~ Yoga with Mark Z.  Meets Tues. & Thurs, weekly.
Meeting ID: 668 308 475   Password: chalice

Friday, July 3rd

9:00am – 10:00am ~ Coffee (or Tea) and Chat  Meets weekly.
Summer coffee & chat hosted by Sheryce Davis.
Meeting ID: 594 679 176    Password: chalice

4:00pm – 5:00pm ~ RE Youth Hangout.  Meets weekly.
Join Gem for weekly games, competition, sharing, and other fun!  Second hour, grades 6-12.
Meeting ID: 589 158 109   Password: chalice

Sunday, July 5th

10:00am ~ All Community Worship: “No Justice, No Peace, No Freedom”
Meeting ID: 982 807 5151 (no password required)

Mid-service – 10:55am ~ Children’s Chapel.  Meets weekly.
Children’s Sunday RE Space, exploring Sunday’s theme with activities and check-ins after children’s recessional, during service. Parents may join, or remain in main worship (if multiple devices are available to your family).
Meeting ID: 755 114 634   Password: chalice  

How to Use Zoom

Here are what we hope are some simple instructions for using zoom.
1) Download the zoom application onto you computer, tablet, or phone.

2) You do not need to create an account, but if you do, it is free. 

3) You can join our BUUF Worship “Meeting” in two ways:

  • If the application has been downloaded you can click any meeting link directly.
  • If you open your zoom application, you can click the “Join a Meeting” button and enter the unique meeting ID (the 7 digit number associated with each gathering). You will be prompted for a password.

4) Follow to prompts to connect your audio and video. On Sunday when you join our worship “meeting” we will automatically mute all participants (it helps ease background noise).

Tips for participants:

  1. Keep yourself muted. It helps reduce background noise. Ensure the red slash is over your microphone icon.
  2. For worship, concrets, big meetings, you can choose “stop video” which will turn off your video camera but you’ll still be able to see the gathering. This is the camera icon next to the microphone.
  3. The chat is a fun way to connect with folks while not disrupting the presenter or worship leaders.
  4. When links are shared in the chat, you can just lick on them to open the window in your web browser and then come right back to zoom saving the link to look at later!

If you have any additional questions, please email

Zoom also has some online tutorials!