This page shows the social justice activities proposed, sponsored, or endorsed by the:

Black Lives Matter

“It is critical that we respond to this [time] with action. We must do more than say the names of those whose lives have been taken by racialized violence. We must do more than name the systems of white supremacy and capitalism that wage violence against our black siblings.  As people of faith, we must bear witness to this moment. That means that we must name hard truths, but that we also must act.”  
     — Susan Leslie of the UUA Organizing Strategy Team

  • The Six Things You Can Do Right Now, from the BUUF Racial Justice Ministry
    • Acknowledge that we live in a “white supremacy” culture and that we benefit, in tangible ways on a daily basis, from being part of that culture.
    • Join the ongoing conversation about the benefits of being white in the US that are sponsored by the Racial Justice Ministry.
    • Support the continuing work of front line organizers providing leadership. Give your money, ask others to give, and take up a collection at Sunday services in support of organizations like Black Visions Collective, Reclaim the Block, and Minnesota Freedom Fund
    • Listen without ego or defensiveness to people of color – in person, on television or radio, in movies. Truly listen with the goal of thoughtful understanding. Don’t scroll past articles written by people of color. Read them.
    • Acknowledge that police brutality is real. Speak about your convictions in support of Black liberation. Articulate your support of Black organizing, grounded in your faith and conscience. Have hard conversations with family, social networks, neighbors. And sign up at this link to be connected with a network of UUs committing to learning, reflecting, and acting together. Share this message widely with your networks.
    • Review information available on the website of the Boise Office of the Mayor.
      • Review the “transition reports” and the “100 day report.” Offer any opinions you have, both favorable and unfavorable, about what you read in the reports.
      • Express any opinions or concerns you have about the newly-appointed Chief of Police. Ask for assurance that the newly-appointed Boise Chief of Police will be a model of ethical, unprejudiced, professional leadership. Insist that police department officers and staff are trained and supported to be the same in their interactions with all Boise residents and visitors. 
      • Ask that the Chief of Police hold community forums to address issues of policing in Boise. Hold him to his commitment to public safety, accountability, transparency, and community engagement. Ask for assurance that the police violence recently seen in other US cities will not occur here.
      • Learn about the Boise Office of Police Oversight and support their role
  • Why This Time Is Different by Dahlia Lithwick, because “these protests are at bottom about the original sin of slavery, inequality, and police powers used in their service.
  • The UUA Organizing Strategy Team offered the following actions that  Unitarian Universalists and people of faith and conscience can do right now in response to this moment:
    1. Support the uprising and commit to joining other UUs in working to combat the violence of militarism and the police state: Share this message widely with your networks. Speak about your convictions in support of Black liberation. Articulate your support of Black organizing, grounded in your faith and conscience. Have hard conversations with your family, your social networks, your neighbors. And sign up at this link to be connected with a network of UUs committing to learning, reflecting, and acting together.
    2. Support the front line organizers providing leadership: Give your money, ask others to give, and take up a collection at this Sunday’s service in support of organizations like Black Visions CollectiveReclaim the Block, and Minnesota Freedom Fund
  • The June 2nd statement from the UUA, “Stop Calling the Police and Start Eradicating Anti-Blackness
  • 75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice 

The Pandemic & COVID – 19

  • What You Can Do About Coronavirus Right Now
    From the New York TimesWhat You Can Do About Coronavirus RIght Now
    You have an essential role to play in slowing the spread of the new coronavirus. The good news is that small changes in personal behavior can buy time — slowing the outbreak, preventing hospitals from becoming overwhelmed and reducing cases until scientists develop treatments and, eventually, a vaccine. Here’s some practical advice from doctors and public health experts to protect yourself and your community.
    • Prevent Infection: Slow the outbreak by keeping yourself and others from getting sick.
    • Prepare: Stock up on food responsibly and create a household plan.
    • Stay Home: Stay at home to protect others, and use these strategies to keep life as normal as possible.
    • Recover From Illness: What to do if you or a family member gets sick.
  • Sign on to the People’s Bailout
    The UUA has signed on to The People’s Bailout and the 5 Principles for Just COVID-19 Relief and Stimulus. We can develop a regenerative economy and protect and expand our democratic process as we protect each other. Act now! Please read and sign on and/or call Congress TODAY.  [the People Bailout website will send your letter to the appropriate congress people when you fill in your information].  The 5 Principles for Just COVID-19 Relief and Stimulus:
    1. Health is the top priority, for all people, with no exceptions
    2. Economic relief must be provided directly to the people
    3. Rescue workers and communities, not corporate executives
    4. Make a down payment on a regenerative economy while preventing future crises
    5. Protect our democratic process while protecting each other
  • Email Gov. Little to Protect Medicaid in Idaho, Click to Email, hosted by Close The Gap
    Medicaid is one of the, if not the most, vital tools available to state governments to protect their citizens. As we face this devastating public health crisis caused by COVID-19, Idaho has mandated budget cuts for every state agency and Medicaid has not been exempted, despite being a source of coverage for thousands of Idahoans. We must make it clear that this is a top priority, use the talking points below to help craft a message asking for Medicaid to be exempt from funding cuts. As always we are most persuasive when we stick to the facts, please be respectful in your message
  • Support Boise Farmers Market Vendors, hosted by BFM, Use the Local Food Locator
    The BFM is in the process of creating a system to (hopefully) bring the Farmers Market to you, one way  or another, in these coming weeks. Things will be a little different than usual but you will have access to many of your favorite vendors and fresh, local foods!  In the meantime, please continue to support our vendors! Many of them have pop-ups, pick-ups, and delivery options available. To keep you informed, we’ve created the BFM Local Food Locator on our website. We are keeping it updated with what our vendors have available and where/when you can find them. 


June 2020

  • June 18, Braver Angels Online Debate: De-funding the Police, 6 pm, Register Here
    Americans are engaging the subject of policing and reform with more energy than any time in recent memory. This is why Braver Angels is holding the ground for the American people to have this conversation the right way, with a spirit of shared commitment to truth and a desire to make sure all points of view are fairly heard.
    If you care about this issue, or are just curious to hear what others believe, join us this coming Thursday for our Braver Angels Debate on de-funding the police.
  • June 22, BUUF Climate Action Team Meeting, 7 pm, Zoom:
    Even during these difficult times, humankind must face the looming climate crisis with energy and resolve.  All are welcome to join the CAT via Zoom to plan upcoming climate actions.
    Meeting ID: 848 9517 3815, Password: chalice
  • The