This page shows the social justice activities proposed, sponsored, or endorsed by the:

July 2019 Events

  • July 2: BUUF Social Justice Council meeting,  6 PM, BUUF Library
    Contact Jim Bigelow for more about the meeting.  Preliminary Agenda: Finalize the August 24th Social Justice Leadership Retreat.
  • July 8: BUUF Refugee and Immigrant Ministry meeting,  6:30 PM, BUUF Balasz Room
    Contact Cathy Sandstrom or Diana Borrero-Lowe for more information.  Preliminary Agenda:

    • Immigration Celebration Day
      • Reports from meetings with potential caterers, Rabiou, and Tess (advertising/promotion and registration process/fees).
      • F/U of contacts with IJI, Tidwell Social services, LEAP, Salome, Global Gardens.
      • Report on status of recruitment of volunteers, securing entire building.
        Further discussion of food and entertainment.
      • Discuss evaluation form.
      • Discuss specifics of BUUF room uses including table and chair placement.
      • Determine/discuss speaker from Asylum Seeker project for panel.
  • July 12: Asylum Seeker Sponsorship meeting,  4 PM, BUUF Library
    Contact Cathy Sandstrom for updates to time and place.
  • July 21: BUUF Climate Action Team. 11:30 AM – 1 PM, Channing room
    All are welcome. Please contact Sharon Rockwood or Dennis Rockwood – co leaders, for more information.

August 2019 Events