• Love Resists Criminalization: Webinar and Discussion, 5 pm, 11/14/17 at BUUF
    Mass Incarceration, Deportation, and Surveillance Today

    In this webinar, hear from organizers on the front lines of protecting the worth and dignity of all people against criminalization by “expanding sanctuary,” and learn where you can fit into a growing social movement of communities that are coming together to defend each other, create alternatives for safety outside the system, and pass local policies that reduce unnecessary arrests and surveillance and shift funding from criminal justice to community programs. Speakers include Fatima Ahmad, Deputy Director, Muslim Justice League (MA) and Jamila Hammami, Executive Director, Queer Detainee Empowerment Project (NY) among others.

  • Housing First  – Furniture Next!, the Social Justice Summit on  the Housing First Model, 11/11/17, 9 am – 1 pm.  Featuring out plate partner, CATCH INC, and special guests supporting the city of Boise’s Housing First model for ending homelessness