October 2019 Board Minutes

Minutes – Board Meeting
Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
October 17, 2019
6200 Garrett St, Garden City, Idaho


Board Members: Tom von Alten, Curtis Smith, Elizabeth Pirie, Elaine Daly, Sue Stadler, Cathy Sherman, Rachel Murphy, Harriet Shaklee

Also Present: Rev. Sara LaWall

Board Members not Present: Sandy Cruise

Board Action20191019-1Accept Consent agendaMoved: Rachel Second: Harriet Pass 8 Yes, No 0, 0 Abstentions Voice vote
Board Action20191019-2Accept Budget amendments as proposedMoved: Tom Second: Sue Pass 8 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstentions Voice vote

Presentation to Board

Briefing to the Board – Safety Team – Paul Schlobohm

Safety team consists of Paul S., Allie Gooding, Dan Bacon, Warren Bean, Nancy Riley, Paul LaMann, Jim Ruckh, Tony Zornik

Mission: Safety of the property and those inhabiting the building.

There is no direct safety expert on the team at the moment.

Most of the preparedness list is accomplished; BUUF is ahead of most other churches.

Capital expenditure request made to accomplish one of the last items on the list: Remote locks on main doors, and the means to communicate between rooms without the use of cell phones. Although an occurrence that would trigger the need for these items is low, the probable impact should something occur is high.

An outside firm was consulted on how to accomplish the task and the estimated cost.

The firm consulted stated that the work could be done one piece at a time. This would allow the cost to be spread over more than one budget year.

Discussion points raised: Clarification/verification of which doors is needed; some possible weak points of the proposed plan were identified; a second bid should be obtained.

Board Role: Board will determine whether to authorize any proposed projects, including maximum budget and timing.

Business Meeting

  • Operating Budget

With recent staff changes in addition to the unexpected monetary gift the Board voted to reset the budget to what was approved at the spring congregational meeting, with some exceptions outlined by Treasurer Tom von Alten. We now project a $1000 operating surplus for FY 2020.

  • Congregant Canvass proposal

The Board sub-committee (Curtis, Harriet, Elizabeth) presented a summary paper that compared three sets of data and their thoughts based on the data. Their conclusion is that 2019 is an aberrant year with regards to giving due to decreased membership. The sub-committee’s conclusion was that it was not a Board task to conduct a canvass. “Connections” is included in the Ends Statements already. The Board can challenge committees/teams to ask how they are increasing connections with BUUF. The Annual Giving Drive is already considering hosting small dinners to gather information about giving, which will include some questions about connections. The sub-committee recommended that the Board could consider creating a task force next year when the current Engaging Spaces task force work is concluded. Many thanks to the sub-committee for their thoughtful and thorough work.