February 2021 Board Minutes

Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

February 18, 2021

Zoom Meeting


Board Members: Tom von Alten, Sarah Cox, Elaine Daly, Eileen Geddings, Rachel Murphy, Elizabeth Pirie, Cathy Sherman, Scott Smith, Mark Zimmerer

Also Attending:

Rev. Sara LaWall

Board Action20210218-1Accept Consent AgendaMoved: Sarah C. Second: Rachel M. Motion Carried                                                       
Board Action20210218-2Adopt ‘Open Meeting’ language with language changes agreed toMoved – Elizabeth P. Second – Sarah C. Motion Carried  
Board Action20210218-3Gift piano to Carrie Bastion* (full text of the motion below).Moved – Tom V. Second – Rachel M. Motion Carried  

Action Items

  • Gift piano to Carrie Bastion

*Motion made (20210318-3)

                “In recognition of, and with gratitude for more than 16 years of faithful service as Choir Director, and now Music    Director for the Fellowship, the Board would like to give Carrie Bastian the Hallet & Davis baby grand piano which she has maintained on our behalf, as a bonus, with an additional cash bonus of $724 to defray the income and payroll tax on the bonus.”

Discussion Items

  • Reopening

Some metrics for limited reopening of indoor spaces are at or close to the parameters set, and the staff is ready to reopen.

To allow time to see if the metrics are consistent with the downward trend and for all parameters to be met, the Board will wait until the March Board meeting to decide about reopening the indoor spaces.

The cadence of making decisions regarding reopening will be changed from possible change every two weeks to a possible change once a month; this allows for the Board to discuss and decide during regular monthly Board meetings.

  • Bylaws Update  

The following items were reviewed:

  • Member/congregational meetings including: avenues of voting and quorums and voting thresholds.
  • Board member removal process.