January 2022 Board Minutes

Minutes – Board Meeting

Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

January 20, 2022


Board Members: Tom von Alten, Elaine Daly, Eileen Geddings, Debbie Johnson, Jenna Raino, Cathy Sherman,  Scott ,

Also Attending:

Rev. Sara LaWall, Rachel Strong (Administration), Linden Boyce (Finance Committee), Bob Huntley (Finance Committee) Patti Raino (Personnel Committee)

ActionNumberDescription    Notes
Motion20220120-1Accept Consent Agenda without Treasurer’s Report as listed on the agendaMoved: Tom v. Second:  Jenna R. Motion Carried                                                       
Motion20220120-2Accept  the new balance sheet format proposed by Tom von Alten in the January Treasurer’s report for future and ongoing accounting effective immediately.*Moved: Tom v. Second: Jenna R. Motion Carried                                                       
Motion20220120-3Approve the Personnel Committee recommendation and the FY2022 Budget Amendment.**Moved: Tom v. Second: Scott S. Motion Carried
Motion20220120-4Accept and approve the Auction Committee Special Appeal recommendation.***Moved: Debbie J. Second: Mark Z. Motion carried  

Discussion Items

  • BUUF Financials

The following were discussed: reorganization of the balance sheet, creation of a reserve account for maintenance and upkeep of BUUF’s physical plant, and Rev. Sara’s priorities for funds during the next few months into the next fiscal year (Rev. Sara will be going on sabbatical in March and wanted to provide input to the Board prior to being away).

Reorganization of the balance sheet: the goal is to simplify the appearance and designate more clearly what funds are available for future projects/needs (which ties in with establishing a BUUF physical plant reserve account).  Renaming some funds (up-to-date accounting nomenclature will be used) and consolidating others will accomplish this goal.

*Motion made (20220120-2): Accept the new balance sheet format proposed by Tom von Alten in the January Treasurer’s report for future and ongoing accounting effective immediately.

Creation of a reserve account for BUUF’s physical plant: annual and long-range planning is needed. The Board President asked for the Board’s approval to have a task force begin work on this immediately. The Board gave their approval. A charge to the task force will be presented at a future meeting.

A need for a review of existing polices/processes and creation of additional as needed regarding large unrestricted gifts received was also identified as a short-term goal. At least one Board member should be included in a team or task force for this project.

  • Personnel Committee recommendation for staff bonuses

In a memo to the Board dated 1/13/2022 the Personnel Committee recommended a bonus to each staff and a week of paid vacation for all staff.

The treasurer proposed changes to the existing budget to accommodate the cost of the recommendation.

**Motion made (20220120-3): Approve the Personnel Committee recommendation and the FY2022 Budget Amendment as presented on page 3 of the 202112 Treasurer’s Report.

A volunteer from the Board with HR experience was requested to join the Personnel Committee.

  • Board Vacancy

The prior Board President having stepped down and the Vice President having moved into the President’s position (as outlined in the Bylaws), the position of Vice President is now open. Board members agreed to leave the open position of Vice President vacant until the next fiscal year.

  • Auction Annual Special Appeal

The Auction committee submitted a proposal from the Social Justice Committee as their recommendation for the 2022 Special Appeal recipient.

***Motion made (20220120-4): Accept and approve the Auction Committee recommendation.