June 2017 Board Minutes

Minutes – Board Meeting

Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

June 15, 2017

BUUF Library

6200 Garrett Street, Garden City, Idaho


Board Members:  Linden Boice, Lori Watsen, Sarah Bratley, Gwyn Reid, Craig Raese, Sue Langley, Matthew Sabin, Marcia Lyons


Others:  Harriet Shaklee, Sue Stadler (Incoming board members)


Board Member not present:  George Raino







Accept Consent Agenda – note changes below

·        Minutes – April Board Meeting

·        Minutes – May 15 Board Meeting

·        Minutes – May 21 Congregational Meeting

·        May Reports:

o   Treasurer’s Report

o   Minister’s Report

o   President’s Report

·        June Reports

o   Treasurer’s Report

o   Director of Religious Exploration Report

o   President’s Report

Changes:  Minister’s Report for June removed.

Minutes for May 21 congregational meeting to be amended: 

Votes for UUA President:  Votes were tabulated by Gwyn Reid and Sue Langley.  Ballots have been destroyed.

Motion:  Lori Watsen

seconded (Craig Raese) and passed by unanimous voice vote


A photo of the ballot has been stored in the BUUF Board Google Docs folder for the June 2017 Board Meeting.