November 2016 Board Minutes

Minutes – Board Meeting

Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

November 17, 2016

BUUF Library

6200 Garrett Street, Garden City, Idaho



Board Members:  Linden Boice, Marcia Lyons, Craig Raese, Matthew Sabin, Sue Langley,  Sarah Bratley, Gwyn Reid, Lori Watsen,


Others:  Reverend Sara LaWall, Shikhar Sarin, Tony Zornik


Board Member(s) Not Present: George Raino


Action Number Decision Notes
Motion 20161117-1 Accept Consent Agenda

o Minutes – October 20, 2016 Board Meeting

o Treasurer’s Report

o   Minister’s Report

o   PMC Report

o   Director of Religious Exploration Report, including addendum

o   President’s Report


Move to Accept: Sue Langley

Seconded (Linden Boice) and passed by unanimous voice vote


Motion 20161117-2 Move to approve an increase to the Annual Giving Drive Budget of not to exceed $7,000 to be able to have an off-site celebration.


Motion to Approve:  Gwyn Reid

Seconded (Lori Watsen) and passed by unanimous voice vote
Motion 20161117-3 Motion to adopt Policy Governance Philosophy statement:

Using democratic processes, the membership of the Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (BUUF) elects a Board of Directors to function as its governing body and the membership calls a Minister to serve as BUUF’s spiritual, programmatic, and administrative leader. Together the Board of Directors

and the Minister work to help the Fellowship follow its mission and vision. The Board of Directors, led by the President, is responsible for the long-term mission and well-being of the congregation through the creation and adoption of governance policies. The paid and volunteer staff, led by the Minister, is responsible for the operational decisions, adopting administrative policies and procedures, and allocating congregational resources except as specifically

limited by these policies.

Motion to Approve: Gwyn

Seconded (Sarah Bratley) and passed by unanimous voice vote


6:50    Business Meeting

  • Consent Agenda – Vote Required (10 minutes)
    • Minutes – October Board Meeting
    • Treasurer’s Report
    • Minister’s Report
    • PMC Report
    • Director of Religious Exploration Report
    • President’s Report
    • Questions/Discussion of Consent Agenda Items


7:00    Action Items

  • Consider request from Stewardship, Finance, and AGD team(s) to approve an additional $2000 to AGD 2016-2017 budget-Tony Zornik and Shikhar Sarin to present (15 minutes)


  • Adopt Policy Governance Philosophy statement: (5 minutes)


7:20    Discussion Items


  • Endowment Resolution: Discuss feedback that needs to go back to the committee; possible repurposing of the committee (10 minutes)





  • Governance Task Force: Review and discuss (20 minutes) (Tabled until 12/15/2016)

Church Membership Policy

Governance Process Policy, Sections GP 1.4 – GP


  • Ends Evaluation Discussion: (10 minutes)

Which End(s) should we select for focused work this year?


  • Magic Valley UU support & partnership (10 minutes)


  • Executive Session (10-15 minutes)


  • Adjourn