Social Justice Council, 7/2/19

Attending: Rob Ham (, 510-367-0915), Betty Van Gheluwe, Don Stepich, Eileen Dingeldein ( 208-322-1177), Jim Bigelow, Sue Stadler, Marni Odermann

Meeting Notes:

  • August 24th Social Justice leadership Retreat
    • August 24th, 9 – 12
    • Sue Philley put together some thoughts about the retreat as a starting point for our planning:
    • need to do
      • Finalize plan
      • Develop a task list with owners
      • add  a presentation of uua funding model — Marni
    • Reason for having the retreat: ministries talk with other ministries to explore intersectionality and coordination for the 2019-2020 program year
    • who would we want at the meeting:
      • Possible: EBT groups – patti and gary,
      • Possible: Shar Tesi or someone in the group
      • climate action team
      • pride
      • refugee & immigrants
        • Sponsoring Asylum Seekers  project
      • racial justice 
    • Thinking there will be 10 – 15 people
      • meet in the room with the big screen
      • Jim will arrange for a room
    • Format
      1. Welcome
      2. Readings on spirituality and social justice
      3. Introductions
        1. from SJC,
        2. from each group,
        3. possible need a Pair/share depending on number of attendees
      4. Discussions — purpose: get to know each other, our commonalities,  find out about them and what they need, plan, etc.
        1. what the SJC can do
          1. Social Justice Funding opportunities
          2. contacts & support
          3. limited funding from 2019-2020 Social Justice Council Budget
        2. decide if break out groups are needed
          1. their size depending on the number of attendees
        3. give committee time to meet together
          1. what would they like from SJC 
        4. give committees time to meld with other committee
      5. Develop a 2019-202 program year calendar with events from all committees
    • Still need to decide
      • who’s the MC
      • do we need a lunch?
      • who will provide the starting snacks & coffee
    • Do we need to meet on August 20th?  — yes, we will need the time to prepare for the 8/24 retreat
  • Immigration Celebration Day, Sept 21, hosted by the Refugee and Immigrant Ministry
    • Betty introduced the agenda for the workshop
    • passed around a sign sheet
  • Should the council donate to the Reclaim Idaho, this month?  $5 or more?
    • Everyone agreed the the Social Justice Council will make a donation of $75 by July 15th to help Reclaim Idaho meet their matching funds goal
  • Pick a date to discuss allocation of funds for the 2019-2020 year
    • after the retreat, Sept 17th meeting? — yes
  • September 17th Meeting agenda
    • develop a yearly plan & priorities
    • discuss a budget for year for the 2019-2020 program year
    • discuss moving the standing meeting to 4th Tuesday of the month
  •  UU Funding Program (
    • See the summary of Social Justice Fundraising Opportunities that Marni Odermann wrote:
    • Two application deadlines per year: Sept 15th & March 15th 
      • Doesn’t seem feasible to make a Sept 15th application
      • Would like to develop a proposal and application for the March 15, 2020 deadline
    • Sponsoring Asylum Seeker project  is interested
    • Climate Change might be able to develop a proposal
    • We’ve agreed that the goal of council is to understand the UUA funding so we can help the ministry apply for grants
  • adjourned 8:10, next meeting August 20th, 6pm